Pulse Newsletter – September 2018

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD:   September is Shoebox month at ORLC! Operation Christmas Child is a mission project of the Sunday School.  Children and adults are encouraged to support this project by filling the shoeboxes, donating items, and/or donating toward shipping cost ($9 per box).  I have purchased pre-printed shoeboxes, so additional shoeboxes are not needed at this time.

During the month of September, we will be collecting items for the shoeboxes.  Keep in mind these things need to fit in a shoebox. The Sunday school classes will be stuffing the boxes on November  4th during Sunday school. Please pray for the children that receive the boxes.

Use your imagination!

School supplies:  notepads, crayons, markers, color pencils, pens, pencils, erasers, solar calculators, scissors, index cards, etc.

Hygiene needs:  washcloths, soap, combs, hair items for girls, kleenex, socks, manicure set, sewing kit, etc.

WOW items:  plush toys, clothing outfits,  balls, cars, jump ropes, puzzles, games, flashlight(with extra batteries), watch, doll, sunglasses, flip-flops, bead kit, kick ball(deflated, with pump), shirt, children's jewelry, small tool kit,  etc.

NO liquids or lotions, used or damaged items,  war related items, food, or breakable items. For more information on how to pack a shoebox, contact Diane Holland at 706-825-3012 or DL800@bellsouth.net.



15th Sunday after Pentecost

Deut 4:1-2,6-9; Eph 6:10-20

Mark 7:14-23

8:15am Divine Service 1

9:40am Christian Education

11am Divine Service1

Holy Communion


16th Sunday after Pentecost

LWML Sunday

Is 35:4-7a; James 2:1-10,14-18

Mark 7:31-37

8:15am Divine Service 1

9:20am Fellowship Snacks

9:40am Christian Education

11am Divine Service 1


17th Sunday after Pentecost

Isa 50:4-10; James 3:1-12

Mark 9:14-29

8:15am Divine Service 1

9:40am Christian Education

11am Contemporary Service

Holy Communion


18th Sunday after Pentecost

Jer 11:18-20; James 3:13-4:10

Mark 9:30-37

8:15am Matins

9:20am Fellowship Snacks

9:40am Christian Education

11am Contemporary Service


19th Sunday after Pentecost

Num 11:4-6,10-16, 24-29; James 5:13-20; Mark 9:38-50

8:15am Divine Service 1

9:40am Christian Education

11am Divine Service1

Holy Communion

KIDS IN THE DIVINE SERVICE:  An insert will be placed in every service from September through December to help families and especially our youth to know why/when we do things in our worship.  Let us know if it is helpful.

Sunday School is back in session!  It’s wonderful to get back into learning more about God’s Word and what messages and promises He still has for us today.  We would love for you and your children to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:40 am.  Look below the attendance totals to find a list of all the Sunday School classes and Bible Classes that we currently offer.  Below are the TOTAL numbers of attendees we have had at classes so far in August:

Bible Class (Wed AM)      51        Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade     32

Bible Class (LAMBS)      50        2nd & 3rd Grades        13
Bible Class (YA Thu PM) 8        Pre-Confirmation          8
Bible Class (MBBS)      30        Confirmation           11

Adult (Room 307)        19        Senior High            9

Adult (Room 309)        47        Young Adults (Margins) 10

Total Attendance: 288


WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY - 9:30-10:45am, Room 309 studying “Lutheranism 101: Worship” led by Pastor Schwartz.  


LADIES AM BIBLE STUDY (LAMBS) – Thursday at 9:30am to 11am in Room 309 studying "1 & 2 Samuel".  led by Ruth Ann Nolde.


YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY – Every-other-Thursday at 6:30 pm in Room 305 led by DCE Josh.


MEN'S BREAKFAST BIBLE STUDY (MBBS) – Friday at 6:30 am in Room 309 going through “Reading Romans with Luther” led by Paul James.  Breakfast starts at 6:00 am.


PRE-K, KINDERGARTEN, & 1ST GRADE – Rooms 302 & 303

Led by David Annis, Kathy Ferguson, Pam Lee, Laura Sigwald, Teresa Stevens, & Tracy Zielke


2nd & 3rd GRADE – Room 304

Led by Bonnie & Chris McClain



Led by DCE Joshua Eckstein



Led by Bonnie Annis & Delores Schwartz


8th – 12th GRADE: SENIOR HIGH – Room 301

Led by Howard Durrell & Bill DeLoach


YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY: “Noah: the Man, the Ark, the Flood” – Room 305  Led by Diane Holland


ADULT BIBLE STUDY: Genesis – Room 307

Led by Greg & Fay Murray


ADULT BIBLE STUDY: The Smalcald Articles and the Treatise – Room 309 Led by Pastor Schwartz

FROM THE BOARD OF OUTREACH - GO ONLINE TO LEARN - FREE - There are many free online learning and outreach resources at your fingertips available on any digital device - computer, tablet or smart phone.  

LUTHERAN HOUR MINISTRIES: CHECK IT OUT here:  https://www.lhm.org/learn/     or join in the conversation here  https://www.lhm.org/thred

Also more than 30 video based Bible studies:  lhm.org/studies

THRIVENT:  All Thrivent members are encouraged to direct their Thrivent Choice Dollars to Our Redeemer.  So far, we have received $2,678. In addition to those funds, Thrivent members can sponsor Action Team Projects.  Some offered in the past include Belize Mission, DCCM Food Pantry, Candy for Trunk/Treat, Flood Buckets, Christmas Shoe Boxes, etc.  


It is so important at our church, at our home, and in our community for individuals to be trained in what to do in an emergency medical situation. On Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in room 309 starting at 8AM and completing at 4PM, Robert Holland will conduct a certification class in the American Heart Association First Aid CPR AED. This class will include the book, card and all training necessary to certify you to the standards of the American Heart Association in first aid, CPR, and AED.  Lunch will be provided. The cost for this training will be $35 to be paid at the beginning of the class. For individuals who require the CPR Healthcare providers level of training, there will be no extra cost, but you will have to stay 1-2 hours extra to be trained in two-man CPR, use of the Bag/valve/mask device, and take the written exam. Sign-up will be in the walkway. For more information contact Robert Holland at 706-825-3023 or bullet007@bellsouth.net.

FROM THE COUNCIL:   The August Council meeting was held on Tuesday, August 14th.  This was a full Council meeting with the main discussion centering on work towards the 2019 Ministry Spending Plan (MSP).  Board chairs and their respective boards are to work on a proposed board spending plan to submit for final MSP. The final 2019 MSP will be presented for approval at the Fall Congregational Meeting in November.  The next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 11th.  It will be a short meeting at 6:15pm with All Church Board meetings to follow at 6:45pm.  All are welcome to attend!

MEMORIAL FUND PURCHASE:  New Screens and Projectors were purchased for the Fellowship Hall thanks to the Our Redeemer Memorial Fund.  Check out how bright and easy it is to read and see the screens now with all the lights on.

You have savings in other financial organizations I am sure. Do you know what they use your money for when they store it for you? Perhaps abortion clinics and other such activities that go against what our church believes. LCEF invests only in the Ministry of our church.


Family Emergency Fund.. Start at $25.00 per month.


New investors: Connect Plus; 3.034% for 2 years.

Current Investors, $500. Initial, 2% for 2 years & 2.9% for 4 year terms.


Young Investors Club, 3.5%, start @ $25, A good opportunity for Grandparents. Added benefits for students with reports cards showing the “A” grades.

Check out LCEF’s new website for our youth - - http://yiclub.lcef.org


The upcoming FALL softball season is right around the corner.  If you are interested in playing, please sign-up in the walkway.  The season runs from SEPTEMBER to NOVEMBER. Anyone (male and female) who is over 16 years of age is welcome to join the fun.  Friends and family of ORLC members are welcome to join too! We welcome all skill levels…it is all about fellowship and fun. For more information, see the signup sheet in the breezeway or contact John Greenwood at 706.833.2280

GOLF OUTING - There will be a golf outing on Saturday, September 22 at Bertram Trail Golf Club.  There is a sign-up sheet in the walkway.


Sisters in Christ, Please mark the following dates on your calendar and join us in our fellowship, Bible study, fun, and our endeavors to further the kingdom of God:

September 8 - Rummage Sale

September 9 - LWML Sunday/Refreshments for fellowship time

Sept  28-30 - FL-GA DISTRICT CONVENTION - Orlando Oct.  7 - Unit meeting—we will be studying “Women of the Bible.”

Oct. 20 -  ECGA Zone Fall Rally (Statesboro)

We encourage all women members of our congregation to join us!


Thursday, September 6 - 6:30 PM

Thursday, September 20 - 6:30 PM

Stay tuned for events to come  For text alerts,

text @yaorlc to 81010



  • 9/9 - Youth Group

    • 12:00-2:30p w/Lunch

  • 9/23 - Youth Group

    • 12:00-2:30p w/Lunch

  • 9/30 - NYG Registration Due

    • Form + $150

For text alerts, text @orlcy to 81010


SOCIAL MEDIA - Our Redeemer has some new avenues to reach out to you and others.  We are ORLCAugusta on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.  And continue to check out our online calendar on the Website of www.orlcaugusta.com.  You can even do online giving through the PayPal service.  Connect and see how you can plug into ministry here at ORLC!


YOUNG AT HEART:   The 50+ Group will begin in October on the 9th at the Grover Lake Place on Clarks Hill Lake at Noon.  More info will be included in the October Pulse. SAVE THE DATE!


RELEASE TIME:  Christian Release Time program will be using our facility for ministry on Tuesday/Thursdays as they bring children from A Brian Merry and Tutt Schools here to learn about Jesus.  Classes begin on 9/11 and go into March 2019. See DCE Josh for information if you want to assist.

FLOOD BUCKET UPDATE:  We have 50 completely finished.  10 or so partially filled and another 10 at member’s homes being filled.  Be sure to bring your pails back to ORLC by 9/2 so that all the pails can be labeled, closed, and made ready for use.  Thanks for your generosity in filling 100 buckets in August! We hope and pray they don’t need to be used, but flooding seems a persistent problem these days and now we can assist those recovering from the perils of too much water!


Thank you to everyone for your cards, visits, phone calls, and prayers during my recent hospitalization.         Diane Holland

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, cards, well-wishes, food and offers to help during the course of the past months.  It's going to be a long process, and we appreciate all of your support.                                     The Dunkers                                   

Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer shawl!  It is my favorite color! Thank you also for all the thoughts and prayers. Montana Zdroik (niece of Jeff Sonnenberg)


Thank you!  We are so blessed by everyone here at Our Redeemer and we want to give our deepest thanks for the baby shower, specifically the Quilters for hosting it, and for all the gifts we received from the congregation. It is so good to know how loved our baby girl already is and we are so excited to share her with you all when she comes!           Josh, Kara, and Baby Eckstein


Many thanks to the Our Redeemer family for the special reception on Rally Day to celebrate our married life of 25 years as well as my 10 year anniversary of ministry here at Our Redeemer.  God has blessed us with more blessings than we can count and we certainly appreciate each one of you in the body of Christ.

Pastor & Delores Schwartz


Don’t - Or so the world says:

Talk on the telephone or text while driving

Drink alcoholic beverages and drive

Gossip or libel someone with untruths or hearsay  

Talk religion or about faith things


Do - As God directs us:

Contact and Connect with people around us

Be responsible and clear headed at all times

Think and speak the best of others

Pray unceasingly…  Give thanks and praise to God!


As a Christian, we have a privilege to pray.  In fact, we are invited to pray frequently. We don’t have to speak out loud.  We don’t have to use fancy words. In fact, our prayer can be as simple as “Forgive me, for I am a sinner” or “Lord, have mercy on me”.  

Think about it and pray.  You can do it! Just don’t close your eyes if you are driving!                  

-- Pastor Schwartz

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, LCMS

By grace… Chosen in Christ and Gifted to Serve

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Pastor:  Roger.Schwartz@orlcaugusta.com

DCE: Joshua.Eckstein@orlcaugusta.com

Parish Administrator/Office: Sheri.Agee@orlcaugusta.com

Music Director/Organist:  Justin.Hornsby@orlcaugusta.com

Prayer Chain: Karen.Bowers@orlcaugusta.com