Pulse Newsletter – December 2017


Anticipation???  What’s that???

Do some of you remember way back in your history when you enjoyed the feeling of “anticipation”?  Maybe it was a parent’s promise to take you to the zoo if you did well in school that caused you to look forward.  Perhaps it was preparing a list for Santa and waiting to see “what you got.”  It could even have been saving up all your allowance week by week until you had enough to purchase the bicycle you were coveting.  The anticipation was part of the process of living.

It seems today, that many have forgotten this experience of anticipation. People in this day and age see what they want and they take it.  There is no waiting, no planning, no high hopes, no expectation, and certainly no contemplation.  About the only thing one has to wait upon today is the 9 months for a pregnancy to deliver a child.  Everything else is getting to us almost instantaneously.  A recent TV commercial shows people hitting a button on their iphone and instantly having a product delivered to their home.  No real waiting… or anticipation to experience.

In contrast, God’s people of history knew about anticipation…  “God at just the right time sent forth His Son, born of a woman under the law to redeem those who were under the law so that we might receive adoptions as sons.” - Galatians 4:4 ESV.  

Did you hear that?  People waited a long time for God to provide His answer to the problem of sin that plagues humanity.  They waited and hoped that God would deliver them.  They anticipated and trusted in God’s faithfulness to His promises.  

During the season of Advent,

God’s Church waits in anticipation and expectation for the activity of God for our salvation to be made manifest in our lives.  We all know that God delivered on His promise.  The Messiah was in fact conceived, born and was obedient to the Law of God.  Christ the Lord is “the good news of great joy that was for all the people”.  

You and I, though, look forward and anticipate the joys of heaven when God brings this age to an end.  We can hope and wait without despair because of the truthfulness and faithfulness of God’s promise in Christ has been fulfilled.  Ultimately, it is not what is under your Christmas tree that matters.  It is not our success or failures either.  The only important thing is that which is found by God in your heart.  A heart with a living faith grounded in the promise and faithfulness of Jesus is what God desires in each of us.  

I encourage you this Advent season to look beyond the glitz and sappy secularization of Christmas, and spend time anticipating and contemplating what all God has done, is doing, and will be doing for us.  For the gift of the Savior is the One gift that keeps on giving.  -- Pastor Schwartz


11AM / 7PM

Weds. Lunches follow 11am service provided by LWML

Weds. Suppers precede 7pm service provided by Board of Fellowship

This Advent we will celebrate together as the family of God the coming of His Son for our salvation.  Each week will focus on a different activity to put on our “to-do-list” that is focused on giving and sharing instead of on materialism. The theme verse for the series is “Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to Your holy name and glory in your praise” (Psalm 106:47).  

Weds. Dec. 20th:  Wrap in Love

(1 John 4:7-12):  In this season of hustle and bustle, we move from wrapping presents to wrapping people in love, as Mary wrapped the Christ Child so lovingly in swaddling clothes.  


Two unique worship types in Three different services on the 24th of December.  This is due to Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday.  In the morning, we will combine our 8:15/11am services and hold one service at 10am that will focus on the 4th Sunday in Advent.  Then, at 4pm and 7pm,  the traditional carols, music, and candles will celebrate the arrival of the Savior Jesus in the manger.  It is certainly encouraged for you to attend Sunday morning and then come back for Christmas Eve services at 4pm and 7pm.  

Sunday. Dec. 24th at 10am

Fourth Sunday in Advent Worship

No Sunday School that day

Sunday. Dec. 24th at 4pm / 7pm

Christmas Eve Carol Services & Candlelighting

Holy Communion



1st Sunday in Advent

Isa 64:1-9

1 Cor. 1:3-9

Mark 11:1-10


Divine Service 1

Holy Communion


2nd Sunday in Advent

LWML Sunday

Isa 40:1-11

2 Peter 3:8-14

Mark 1:1-8


Divine Service 1


3rd Sunday in Advent

Isa 61:1-4, 8-11

1 Thess. 5:16-24

John 1:6-8, 19-28

8:15am Divine Service 1

11am Contemporary

Holy Communion


4th Sunday in Advent

2 Sam 7:1-11, 16

Rom 16:25-27

Luke 1:26-38

10am Divine Service 1


No Sunday School


Christmas Eve

Isa 7:10-14

1 John 4:7-16

Luke 2:1-20

4pm/7pm Worship

Carols, Candles, and

Holy Communion


1st Sunday after Christmas

Isa 61:10-62:3

Gal 4:4-7

Luke 2:22-40


Divine Service 4

Holy Communion

BELIZE MISSION TRIP FUNDRAISER - Wednesday Dec. 20, 2017 - Advent lunch and dinner: BBQ Pork Sandwich, chips, cookie, drink $7.00 for one meal $20.00 for family of three or more Proceeds will be used to help underwrite the costs of individuals from Our Redeemer. This is a Thrivent action team project (take out will be available).  Tickets go on sale Dec. 3rd.

BELIZE 2018 – Planning has begun for another short-term mission trip to San Jose Village, Belize C.A. for mid-July 2018. What we need to know now is who might be interested. We need high school and college age youth, single or married young adults, couples, 30-somethings all the way up to older adults with a little grey hair showing. If you are in reasonably good health, we need you. Our risen Savior tells us in Matthew 28 to baptize and spread the Gospel to all nations. This begins “Go therefore ...“. Somebody has to “Go”. PLEASE Talk to one of the people who have been to Belize or need more information? Call Ken Kutlik at 706-589-1007.


THE QUILTERS would like to thank the congregation for their support of the craft fair!   We donated $1,000.00 to the Augusta Warrior Project.  Almut Jackson was the winner of the handmade quilt!


Here is a great way to do it----provide scholarship assistance.  ORLC has two programs to assist college students.  The first one provides assistance to those planning on entering LCMS ministry -- Not just seminary students but ALL ancillary church occupations, DCE’s, deacons, music professions, church school workers and the like.  ORLC just this summer provided funds to Nicholas Sinatra of Faith Lutheran Church in Marietta Georgia, to attend Concordia University – Chicago.  Mr. Sinatra plans to visit ORLC in December to formally thank us.

The other scholarship program is broader.  It was set up this year to honor our former member Victor Franklin and is open to all college students at ORLC.  It is based on merit.  The Congregation granted two of these scholarships this summer.

How to do it:  Money can be given outright to the ORLC Scholarship Fund or as a memorial gift.  Just designate in the “memo” portion of your check to the Scholarship Fund or the Victor Franklin Memorial Fund.  Each year the ORLC Scholarship committee will meet and based on strict criteria will award the funds.  The first criterion is that the assistance be given to ORLC members.  If there are no ORLC members who apply, then the funds go to others based on Circuit, District and Nationwide.  The first criterion is of course, LCMS. Besides the direct assistance the scholarships provides, it is one way to keep the college-age from drifting away from the church while they are at college.

ORLC LADIES NIGHT OUT - Saturday, January 13th at 5-8:30pm 

Planning is underway so mark your calendars.  Registration will be coming very soon.  Craft and mission project plus Bible study and devotion time will encompass the evening.  Come, have fun and hang out with your sisters in Christ.  Contact Delores Schwartz (706) 945-0210 for more information.



We are happy for all the people that are joining us on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to gather around God’s Word and learn more about the forgiveness we have through Jesus Christ.  One class we would like to promote more is the class for Nursery-aged [2-3 years] children held in Room 102 led by Melissa Britt.  Parents can attend if they want to, but it is not required that the parent stays.  If you or your child is 2-3 years old, this class is for you!

Below are the TOTAL numbers of attendees we have had at every class since the beginning of November:

Bible Class (Sun SG)       24        Nursery                           10

Bible Class (Wed AM)     22        Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade     18
Bible Class (LAMBS)       24        2nd & 3rd Grades            13
Adult (Room 305)             22        Pre-Confirmation            10

Adult (Room 309)             38        Confirmation                   18

                  Senior High                     12

Total Attendance: 211


LEE’S SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDY – Sunday, 6:30pm – 8pm at the Frank & Pam Lee home at 3548 Granite Way in Martinez. Topic is the book of Romans led by Pastor Schwartz


WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY - 9:30-10:45am, Room 309 studying “It’s all about Jesus” led by Pastor Schwartz.  


LADIES AM BIBLE STUDY (LAMBS) – Thursday at 9:30am to 11am in room 309 studying "Proverbs". Come join us!  For more info please call Lois Axson at 803/507-7223.


MEN'S BREAKFAST BIBLE STUDY (MBBS) – Friday at 6:30 am in room 309 studying “Being Lutheran” led by Paul James.


NURSERY (2-3 YEARS & PARENTS) – Room 102 (Old Nursery)

Led by Melissa Britt


PRE-K, KINDERGARTEN, & 1ST GRADE – Rooms 302 & 303

Led by David Annis, Kathy Ferguson, Pam Lee, Laura Sigwald, Teresa Stevens, Carolyn Wheatley, & Tracy Zielke


2nd & 3rd GRADE – Room 304

Led by Bonnie & Chris McClain



Led by John & Karin Saari



Led by Bonnie Annis & Delores Schwartz


8th – 12th GRADE: SENIOR HIGH – Room 301

Led by Howard Durrell & John Molitor



Led by Diane Holland



Led by Greg Murray



Led by Bill Bowers

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD - A big THANK YOU  for your support of this Sunday School and Thrivent Action Team project.  Because you donated many fantastic items, contributed over $800 for shipping, assisted in packing, brought in filled shoeboxes, and prayed for these children around the world, we were able to deliver 101 shoeboxes to this wonderful ministry!  It took all of us working together to make this a success.  We have made things brighter for 101 children!  Continue to pray for these children and this mission.

LIBRARY NEWS - Check out a new set of novels set around a Lutheran church in a small Illinois town. House of the Living Stones  is the first novel in the Anthems of Zion series. Meet Pastor Fletcher and his church secretary, Mrs. Scheinberg, as they introduce the new choir director, Emily Duke, to Zion Lutheran Church and the town of Bradbury. Change is not easy for this church and its members.


2018 OFFERING ENVELOPES will be available in the Narthex starting December 3rd. If you have not used envelopes in the past, but want to use envelopes next year, please sign the request sheet or put a note in the Financial Secretary’s mail folder.

ELDER’S AID FUND - The Board of Elders had a productive meeting in November.  We think everyone will be excited and blessed by the Worship plans for the month of December. A Joyous and Merry Christmas to all and a blessed new year. The Elders Aid Fund as you may know helps local charities for the poor, homeless and children and also those in our congregation in need of assistance. We have helped with utility bills, emergency assistance for food and other items. We recently helped a family of four that worship with us and more recently a family who lost their home and possessions in a fire. We thank God for his blessings to our members allowing us to bless others. Psalm 82.3: " Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed "


  • 11/26 - Youth Group

  • 11/29 - Advent Decorating

    • See info on pg. 6

  • 12/6 - Christmas Program

    • See info on pg. 6

  • 12/10 - Youth Caroling to Shut-Ins

    • See info on pg. 6

  • 12/24 - Christmas Eve Services

    • See info in Worship Plans

You are invited to attend our weekly Advent services!

Keep on Radar: 1/28 – Youth Chili Cookoff

Sandwich - Free pictures on Pixabay

YOUTH GROUP LUNCHES: We provide lunch for the youth at every Youth Group meeting.  We would like to extend an invitation to you to consider providing lunch for the middle and high school youth for Youth Group.  Whether you’re a parent of youth or not, if you’re interested in providing lunch for Youth Group please let DCE Josh know and he can schedule you in.


LWML:   OUR REDEEMER SOCIETYhttp://storage.cloversites.com/goodshepherdlutheranchurch2/site_images/list_page25_item22_1322712672.jpg

1.  Thank you for the food collected during the month of November. We made 8 Thanksgiving boxes and thank you to the ladies who have been making Chrismons

2.  Advent lunches start Nov. 29 - there is sign-up sheet in crosswalk

3.  Discontinue collection of ink cartridges, campbell soup labels and items for school art program.  

4.  Continue to collect used eyeglasses & Box Tops for Education.

5.  Continue collection of mites every 2nd Sunday

    a.  Pray for district and LWML (national)  Mission Grants

6.  LWML Sunday will be December 10th.  Sign-up sheet in crosswalk for refreshments to be served during Fellowship.

7.  One volunteer needed to serve at DCCM on 1st Fri & 5th Fri

8.  12 members  attended the zone rally in Savannah on Oct. 21.

                                                             -- LaVon Dunker, President

REMINDERS—We are collecting old Portals of Prayer and used eyeglasses.  See the LWML shelf outside the Fellowship Hall.

ONGOING NEEDS AND COLLECTIONS: Downtown Co-operative Church Ministries food bank is in need of volunteers. Five of ORLC members are currently helping to distribute food on Fridays 11:00am to 12:30pm. One more is needed so that each pair of volunteers would serve one Friday a month.  Continue to bring in the used plastic grocery bags.  They are always needed.


Thank you for your support of Lutheran Bible Translators vision of “God’s Word for Every Language.”  We appreciate your partnership in mission with us.              Alice, volunteer with Lutheran Bible Translators  

Thank you ORLC Family for you love and support on “Deli Day” and the weeks since.  We look forward to seeing your smiling faces!  Come back soon!                         - Luanne and the Crew at Hildebrandt’s

Dear friend in Christ, Greetings in the Name of our risen Savior, Jesus!  On behalf of the Texas District LCMS, I give thanks for the generosity and concern that your gift represents following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  Your financial assistance allows us to support people whose property has been damaged as well as providing supplies to clean-up or even re-build homes, schools and churches.  Your timely gift gives great witness to God’s love and provision.  God’s continued blessings on you.  - Your partner in mission, Rev. Ken Hennings, President

Members of ORLC, Thank you so much for considering me and choosing my application to receive a scholarship this semester.  I can now focus more on my studies and alleviate some financial stress.  I am in the process of applying to PA school and will graduate this December, and I am excited to see where my calling will lead me next.  - Abigail Schwartz

Thank you so much for considering and selecting me to be the recipient of the Victor A. Franklin Memorial Scholarship.  As you know, college is no small expense and the scholarship will help to offset the many expenses involved.  I believe that God is calling me to be here at the University of Georgia and the scholarship is a blessing that helps me overcome some of the financial barriers of being here.  - Ethan Schwartz

Thank you so very much for all of the food and grocery items - they are appreciated so much!  - Thanksgiving Basket Recipient

THANKSGIVING BASKET PROJECT:  So many thanks for the outpouring of food items.  Through your generosity, eight families were assisted with meat, vegetables and other items for their Thursday feast.  Thank you to our LWML ladies that helped assemble the food for the families!

WEAR YOUR NAMETAGS - Although we know everyone at “Our Service” (early or late), maybe we sometimes go to the “Other Service”.  It would be very helpful if ORLC members wore their name tags so we could introduce each other and to welcome visitors.  Please see Sheri if you need one.

NEW DIRECTORY COMING SOON – A new directory will be coming out soon!  There is a sample on the table in the walkway – please look at your listing to make sure that your information is correct and that you have a photo beside your listing.  Your photo can be taken between services.  See DCE Josh or Pastor.

2018 FLOWER CHART – is now available.  Please stop by the table in the walkway and sign-up for the Sunday(s) that you would like to help beautify our Altar.  Flowers are normally used for two Sundays. The cost will remain $44 for one vase and $88 for both vases.  If there is a date that you would like and it is not listed – please see Sheri Agee.

EVERYONE A GREETER - As we head into the time of year with a lot of visitors and guests, it is good to remember to talk to those you don’t know twice as much as you do to those you already know.  This helps those who are not as well connected to us form some lasting relationships.  

As you walk into the facility, be on the look out to those you can greet and to help  answer questions they may have.  

PARKING LOT - The upper parking lot has many places noted by signage that are for our guests to use or for those with handicaps.  Please honor those signs and park in the ample areas either in the upper lot or down in the lower lot.  It seems like I’ve heard it said somewhere that those who take the position of the least will be made first.  

NOTE FROM PASTOR SCHWARTZ - During the past few months and especially during this month of November, I have been reminded over and over again by how wonderful it is to be a part of the Our Redeemer Family.  I am glad to be your pastor and am very thankful for our partnership in the Gospel of our Lord.  Your generosity, encouragement, and friendship mean so very much.  

As we head into December, may we all be reminded of the “Reason for the Season” and Finish 2017 Strong.  To God be all our thanks, praise, and adoration!  





With 30 Minute Prelude

of Christmas music selections before each service

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, LCMS

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