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Belize Mission Team Recap Video 2019:

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Why do we go to Belize? To Exercise our Faith -

Think of the similarity between physical strength and spiritual strength. What do we need to stay physically strong and healthy? We need at least two things: food and exercise. If we don’t eat, we’ll grow weaker, waste away and eventually die. And if we don’t exercise, we’ll also grow weak and won’t be useful or helpful to others. If we're sedentary for long, we don't stay in good physical condition; however, food and exercise strengthen our bodies.

The same is true of spiritual strength. God has given us the spiritual “foods” we need to become strong—the “food” of God’s Word, prayer, the sacraments and fellowship with other believers. God also wants us to “exercise” our faith by putting it into action.

Paul knew the benefits of being with the believers in Rome. "For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you— that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith, both yours and mine" (Romans 1:11-12).

When we go to Belize, we too often define the trip by the numbers attending VBS or Sunday worship. Or, we sometimes focus on the material things we bring or do for the people in Belize (e.g., we distributed this much food or this much clothing; or we built this or that). Those things are good and they certainly have an impact. But our main goal is to share the good news that God loves us very much, and sent His only Son into the world to live, die and rise again for the salvation of all believers. That’s exercising our faith by sharing it with others.

Won’t you consider being part of the Mission Team? Anyone confirmed and older and in reasonably good health is eligible to go on the mission trip. If you can read a bible story, sing a song, or encourage someone in their faith, we need you. Please prayerfully consider whether this is something you can do in July 2022. For more information, join us in the Fellowship Hall on January 23rd after the 11AM service. Past mission trip members will be available to answer your questions and provide information about the 2022 trip. Or call Pat Walls (410-978-2535), Ken Kutlik (706-589-1007), or see the Belize Mission Trip Information on the ORLC website .