Class meets on Sunday during Christian Education from 9:40 –10:40 AM in room 307.

We begin the Confirmation program in 6th grade but if you have an older child who wishes to begin Confirmation they are more than welcome to attend. If you have any questions about Confirmation please contact Pastor Schwartz at or (706) 733-6076.

Items provided to confirmands:

Concordia Study Bible

Luther’s Small Catechism

Course Syllabus/Schedule

Year A:

10 Commandments

Apostle’s Creed

Year B:

Lord’s Prayer



Students will need to attend class regularly, complete required assignments, submit sermon note summaries, serve as service acolyte and participate in youth service projects.

Group Confirmation

Students will meet with Pastor Schwartz periodically from 12:15-1:30pm. These sessions will cover the Lord’s Supper as will as practical application for their faith lives.

Faith stories will be directed by Pastor individually with students in Jan., Feb., and March. The rite of Confirmation is usually conducted in May of each year.

Confirmation curriculum used is: Faith Inkubators materials “Head to Heart”. This program allows students to experience the basic Bible theme at church, discussing it within a small group of friends, and then bring it home where the real faith incubation happens every night. “Head to Heart” provides over 90 lessons of engaging, brain-based teaching material including object lessons, art, music, game shows, skits, Power Point presentation, beautiful home journals, and more while wrapping it all in a small-group system that surrounds kids with a whole lot of love and care. It is this system that brings life to what has traditionally been one of the most challenging ministries of the church, and equips parents to be active participants in the faith lives of their children. The content and the theology crucial to faith formation is taught in engaging and multi-sensory ways designed to make the content stick.