Children's Sunday School

Youth Message

A message for children is offered at worship services every Sunday when there is no Communion. It is written especially for them to come forward and hear from the Susan Shipman. The message is always grounded in the word and designed towards helping our younger members develop their faith lives and to offer talking points between parent and child.

Children’s Sunday School

Sunday School Schedule:

  • 9:30 - All-Ages Opening

    • We start off Sunday School with an all-ages opening in the Fellowship Hall. The opening includes prayers, a song, and an introduction to the day's Bible lesson.

  • 9:40 - Classes Begin

After the opening, all are dismissed to begin their classes in the Education Wing. We have classes for all ages: preschoolers through adults.With a goal of building lasting, meaningful relationships between kids and God, kids and kids, and kids and adults, Sunday School uses Concordia Publishing House's (CPH) "Growing in Christ" curriculum for the Fall through Spring.

We offer three classes that span from Pre-K to 5th Grade.

The class allows for each child to experience an incredible, personal friendship with Jesus through opening celebrations and Discovery Centers. From crafts to music to snacks—every engaging activity drives the weekly Bible Point home. And through it all, children discover they have a real friend in Jesus. Connecting God’s Word to the learner’s real world moves learning beyond information to a growing relationship with Jesus that transforms lives. Students understand that Jesus isn’t someone who lived years ago, but is alive today and wants to be a part of their lives.

Concordia Publishing House is the LCMS's official publishing house, so parents can be sure that the content of the lessons is in line with what our church confesses. If parents are interested in additional resources related to the "Growing in Christ" curriculum, you can find them here.

Children's Nursery is available

Summer Sunday School

Various Bible studies and classes for children of all ages are offered throughout the year during the Christian Education hour 9:40am-10:40am on Sunday morning. During June, classes are often combined and room locations may change. Please see Christian Education News and Events for our Summer Program information.

Info on Vacation Bible School

4-5th Grade Pre-Confirmation Class

While our 4-5th Grade Sunday School class also uses the "Growing in Christ" curriculum, we include extra emphases that prepares them for Confirmation and study afterward.

Preparation Includes:

Introduction to the Concordia Study Bible and how to use it

Review the books of the Old and New testament

Memorize The Ten Commandments and The Apostles Creed

Overview of The Law and Gospel.

The Pre-Confirmation class meets in the Education Wing, downstairs in Room 311.